Joy of Art Studio Summer Celebrate Your Creative Self Camps
Begins June 7th August 2nd

Sketching from Life June 7th- 11th10:00-11:30 Ages 8-10
Paint like an Artists June 7th- 11th 12:30-2
Ages 8-10
Insects June 14th -18th 10-11-
Ages 5-7
Little Picassos June 14th -18th 1-1:45
Ages 3-4
Parent Child Create Together June 14th -18th 3-4 Ages 3-6
Create with Clay and Paper Mache
June 21st- 25th 10-11:30
Ages 7-9
Ships, Pirates and Knights June 21st 25th 1-2 Ages5-7
Art in the Park June 28th- July 2nd, 10-11:30
Ages 8-10

Cartooning June 28th-July2nd 1-2:30
Ages 10-12
Weird and Wild Animals June 28th- July 2,
Ages 7-9
Haiku and Painting July 5th-July 9th 10-11:30
Ages 10-12
Create with Clay Techniques July 5th-July 9th 1- 2:30 Ages 8-10
Manga Trading Cards July 5th-July 9th 3-4:30
Ages 10-12
Drawing Flowers and O’Keeffe July 12th 16th10-11:30 Ages 8-10
My American Doll at the Beach July 12t -16th1-2:30
Ages 7-9
The Art of Collage July 12th- 16th 3-4:30
Ages 10-12
It’s Unreal Surreal! July 19th- 23rd, 10-11:30 ages 10-12
Creative Scrapbooking July 19th- 23rd 1-2:30
Introduction to the Modern, Expressionists, Artists
July 19th- 23rd 3-4:30
Ages 9-11
Diva Girl Glitter and Glitz July 26th July 30th10-11
Ages 5-7
Global Arts and Crafts July 26th July 30th1-2:30 Ages 8-10
Fantasy Art and the Artists July 26th July 30th 3-4:30 Ages 10-12
Draw and Paint Your Favorite Snake August 2nd-6th 1-2:30
Ages 7-9
Drawing and Painting Animals August 2nd-6th
10-11:30 Ages 7-9
Registration $80.00 for camp $20.00
Per class

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