Flame of Transformation Ignited

I meditated before doing this mandala because it was my birthday and I wanted to use it as a a part of the  ritual. I also used the Mother Peace and Angel cards to do a birthday reading. Both cards related to the mandala. In meditation I saw a pin point of yellow like the tiny flame of candle.  I had prepared by putting my pastel pencils beside me so that I had easy access to what I was going to use as a medium for my mandala work. I started by drawing the circle and focused on the center of the circle and  placed a yellow dot  with the pastel pencil  representing the light that I saw when first meditating. After I created the mandala I did the readings, Both readings represented transformation. I thought of how the inner work that I was undergoing would begin my own transformation and that it was also significant to my Wise Woman Ceremony  and the meaning of the ritual. The theme was transformation. I even received the angel card  the Phoenix the mystical fire bird born of sacred flame. The time for you to be reborn in body mind and spirit,  slough off your old life and face import ant new challenges. A wealth of possibilities awaits you. Let the Phoenix and the angel Raphael guide you. Do not be daunted for you will rise stronger and more beautiful from the ashes of your old self and be empowered to new heights. The message is that reality is transmuted and transformed but not destroyed for life is eternal… . 
It is as though the mandala was a symbol for my own birthday reading. 

I really believe this was significant, for me in the time that I find myself in my life (turning 63 which is a nine coming to a completion. and the mandala course because I am once again returning to my spiritual and inner work. The things that seemed to matter so much before have lost their importance. I am beginning my journey homeward.

I also did a Mother Peace reading  ( I have started using them again because the cards  are in a form of a circle) and received the same message.

It showed that  I was on a path to enlightenment but would confront my own resistance  and conflict to the process. It also said that I was over thinking (this came up about the same time that I was questioning if I wanted to start the intensity of inner work again, from my past experience I knew what inner work  would be like when I started and recalled the dream study and the intensity of that. The cards said that I was blocking my own process. At the time that I was doing the reading, I was also feeling overwhelmed and even doubting if I had the abilities to put as much as was needed into the course.
This again was the symbol for both the Phoenix and the mandala. I found the creating the mandala was a reflection and an image reflecting form what i was going through and all methods and intuitive tools related and told a story that I could use in my own life. Thus the power of creating a mandala. and the name….

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