I am a Flower-Child at Heart Believing in Love and Peace

I am a Flower-Child at Heart Believing in Love and Peace

  I did the mandala during my Women of Wisdom group. We had a special ceremony in honor of our vision and intention for 2011. We meditated and shared our intentions , Then we used creativity as a part of the process and we all created intention mandalas. I started mine with my name in the center and added  creativity, peace, love and intuition all representing my  intention . I only used pen and ink to draw the mandala and later on I thought that it needed color and switched to bright colored markers to finish it. In reflecting on the mandala, it reminds me of the 60’s and the time of the flower children, a time when people were handing out flowers as symbols of love and peace. I think at this very scary time, we  all need to go back to that. It also represents my own soul which is still very much a flower child and believes in all goodness. If we all spent one minute a day to stop and give our thoughts to peace and love, our world would become a better place to live and our earth would heal. Perhaps that is looking at things with rose colored glasses but that is how I would rather “see”.

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