In this Season of Lights

                          In This Season of Lights

I was reflecting on the heart chakra and the Christmas lights, the way it seems at this time people are more loving and thoughtful. Everyone’s heart chakra is open to the Ray of Christ Consciousness. In the energy and noise of the Holiday season there is the silent sound that you can hear if you stop long enough to listen. The sound comes from our own heartbeat. the lights we see are our own inner light shining out to one another and we light up our homes with Christmas lights as symbols of the Greater Light. I think lights should be something we keep up all year round to remind us of the light within.
God is pure spiritual light. As with normal light, spiritual light can manifest as a spectrum of seven colors, each color a representation of an attribute of God. God’s light permeates the universe and each thing in it. When men and women have the light of God within, it is possible for them to come to a realization of God and gain the spiritual consciousness required for ascension.

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