What do I wish to nourish? It is a thought provoking question for me a this time! I seemed to be very busy in my wonderful and creative studio doing, doing, doing. I know the importance of connecting and centering in my Being Self. I realize that I need to stop spinning and quiet myself in the inner sanctuary. I can hear the call of my Monastic Self whispering to me. Yet my doing nature does not take the time to simply sit silently and listen. My wish is to nourish this inner urge to sit quietly and nurture my Being Self…..

10 thoughts on “Nourish

  1. Ah, this post really touched me. It was the 'alternate' theme that I chose NOT to write about today! LOL 🙂 Seems I'm going to get this message one way or the other, huh? I'm feeling this urge as well, after several months of 'doing' without…

    SO I really get you here…and as you wish for yourself, I whole heartedly wish for you as well!


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