My Wish for 2012

My wish for this year is to hear the inner Wisdom that speaks to me in the gentle silence of my self, to slow down long enough to “see the vision of good and hear what She is saying to me. To “know the sacred in every moment and to “be”in the center where all things rest in her arms.
There is a part of me that is the Knower of all
things and when I am ready to remember, Wisdom is there waiting to be tapped into.

In this season of preparation, of challenging old beliefs that bind me to the past, there is a calling in me to live the Wisdom, which is deep within.

It is that Wisdom, which leads me to the place that I need to be and calls me to climb the next mountain: to spread my wings: to forge the unknown landscapes.

It is that Wisdom which tells me to listen to my own being and hear the voice of authenticity, to act according to my own truth.

It is that Wisdom, which says that life is a journey and that I am being brought forth on that journey to find what is Truth: to seek love and peace on my Life Path.

It is that wonderful Wisdom that gives me the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and a new vision to live.

I listen to my inner Wisdom as it speaks and I heed Her calling which whispers and tells me to prepare for something new: brings me a new vision, new hope, and a new promise.

10 thoughts on “My Wish for 2012

  1. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you, also. May you be able to be present in each moment of 2012. I had trouble posting a comment on Wednesday, sorry!


  2. hello!
    Your Wish for 2012 is very inspiring. And the way you speak of connecting with your inner-wisdom — reminds me of… me! LOL! Anyway… I thought you just might be interested in SoulCollage® – it's a blend of creativity and spiritual practice — and PLAY. Check out the 6-minute video here: – and many others on you tube. SoulCollage® is all about accessing your inner-isom

    Blessings to your creative soul…


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