Mixed Media Techniques

              Techniques that I will cover in the group

Layers, Surfaces and Collage and Creating Collage Material
1. Washes of Color ( color wheel color mixing) create your own colors
2. Paint and stamp white tissue paper
3. Collaging with hand painted and stamped tissue paper
4. Printing with found objects
5. Making marks with found objects
6. Altering and ageing with cirtasolv and Brillo
7. Building textures and relief
8. Carving your own stamps from Styrofoam plates.
9. Cover and reveal
10. Using gesso and gels
11. Zen Doodle lettering and boarders
12. Looking at trash in a completely new way ( collecting your own collage stash)
13. Looking at magazines for color texture pattern and values as well as images
14. Transferring images with acetone and gin
15. collage strips and layers to create an abstract
16. Painting , stamping and rubbing and the use of paper towels as collage material
17. Painting out negative space with citrsolv ( magazines and calendars )

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