Welcome All Creatives


Hello all of you beautiful Creatives.

     Yes we are going on a wonderful and exciting journey! Are you ready to explore, experiment and just play with no expectations of perfect results? That’s what creativity is all about. For those who are timid and afraid of that white page, we will cover it with color and scribbles and write letters to our self, cover it up and collage over that then paint and layer to create a page and that will be your first page in your creative journal… (we are not calling it an art journal but a word that is much easier to believe CREATIVITY. Simply, we are all creatives and therefor all creative … Does everyone believe that? No one is left out ! You are creative… say it five times. I am creative.. I am creative .. I am creative… I am creative… I am creative….You can even repeat it in front of the mirror than take out your journal wash it over with random and pretty colors and after the surface is dry write over and over I am Creative and just have fun with the writing scribble write big tiny overlap do designs on the letters and doodle… Guess what ,you are creating ..Simple right? Meeting the horrible blank page is not as hard as you thought it would be… OK now what do you do next well you can cover over the writing with more color or gesso the page to cover the writing even more … OK lets see …what about using this process to write about your feelings about creating? What thoughts came up for you?

If you want do another page in your journal about your thoughts . Look through a magazine and find five images that speak to you, tear not cut them out and glue the-images onto the colored surface. Journal or doodle around the images . Well you have done your first two pages and you did have fun right.? That is the main thing. Creativity is not work. It should be a lot of fun or at the least enjoyable and certainly it is better than sitting and watching a boring program just for the sake of doing something. So ,the techniques that you have learned and ones that you can repeat with other themes are:

  1. Creating Layers with washes of color and gesso primer for a surface ( What is gesso)
  2. How to cover and reveal a surface as well do journaling as a part of a surface and layer on a page
  3. How to use a page to randomly word spill your thoughts to get them out as a form of therapy
  4. How to incorporate images for journal prompts
  5. Most important of all how to face and deal with creative anxiety and push through your fear by doing something on a page

How about taking these few techniques and do another page in your journal that is based on a personal theme or journal prompt like…keep it simple …not too heavy now… Easy does it….

You can even skim through a magazine and allow the images to speak to you tear and glue it or them and free form write ,doodle draw around the images…. Cover and reveal your surface as you want on your page. Or simple look fr colors that you love and use them as a prompt like I feel magenta….

Be sure to share both your creative process as well as your artwork in th e gallery . This as a part of the group sharing and supporting each other. Also if you have a special project technique, idea, or material that you love and would like to share this is also what this group is about. Videos and slide shows
of your work in progress is also greatly appreciated . Feel free to share your Etsy store, website and blog links , whatever in this group. You can also share videos, books , quotations on the creative process .That is why I call it Creative Connection . We are all connected through our love of creativity.

See you October 1st on the page. If you have questions about materials or anything else I am here… Joy

Book reference

Journal Spilling by Diana Trout
Collage Unleashed Traci Bautista
Mixed Media Medley by Joy Hellman

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