Joy Painting with Her Muse

                    I am having fun painting with my Muse  

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Process Painting step by step.
  1. Set an intention and make a date to create.
  2. Gather your material and prepare in any way that helps you get ready to create. .
  3. Do some journaling about your thoughts (what is going on and what are you telling yourself about creating? Write it and get it all out? Clear for creativity!
  4. Center through meditation or listening to creative mediation
  5. Prepare surface  wall or table and floor.. Tape a big garbage bag on surface before painting process (messy)
  6. Play music and experiment with using brushes, finger painting and splattering with paint ( Dance to music to loosen up.)
  7. Paint free not thinking or trying to create an image. Allow the paint to paint its self. Listen to the colors and feel the paint . Paint like you are three years old.
  8. Remember it is t he process of self expression and not result or pretty art. You can always use the paper as a surface for collage or mixed media or even create your own greeting cards. Nothing is wasted!
  9. Play and have fun and enjoy being with your creative muse .

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