Shadow Self The Nemisis is Me

Shadow Self
The Nemesis is Me 

This is a painting that I did as a method of my dream work where I thought about my Nemesis and painted her.What I 
found was powerful, as  I worked intuitively with the painted image, I also got int touch with some of my own feelings  about an issue that I have been avoiding in relation to something very painful in my life. I saw that the image was painted in black which was frightening at first but I allowed myself to simply let go and paint without censoring. There are shadow figures one what looks like a huge black crow and another a figure that I knew was  something that has been with me in the past..  also  around her head which represents what I might interpret as “bad” feelings. I know that there are no bad feelings and that my Shadow Self was holding those feelings inside her. She was also wrapped in what looked like either gauze or vines “restriction..” this image has been-in other dreams . The green is toxic feelings perhaps something is poisoning my life. There is red, the symbol of love which is at the edge but also by her left hand which holds a blue flower.  I am not sure why she is hold a blue flower not a red flower. There are also specks of red trying very hard to come into the space where the woman is trapped. 
All this I gained from this method of dream work. I am working with dream incubation.. asking what I can do to heal a situation with a relationship. Obviously this is inner wisdom telling me that I need to deal with my feelings and also take steps to break out and heal….

Dream Dialogues

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