Joy of Art Studio 2013

How to start a teaching business with a leap of faith ( how important to have faith)

When I started the Joy of Art Studio, I was only aware that I loved art and wanted to share what I knew and work with kids’ .I had no experience in teaching or working with groups of kid’s. I started by working with organizations and was a volunteer. I feel that this was wonderful and incredibly valuable way to gain experience. As I worked with kids, I discovered the power of art. I did not have my own space and a limit of students. I decided to go into my own business having neither idea nor knowledge of how to go about it. I just took a step, came up with my name Joy of Art mainly because my name is Joy and with the loving belief and support of my husband jumped into the unknown…. . I believe that in doing something that is risky it is important to take a leap of faith even if you do not know what you are doing. I ran my business in an office building while I built it up. The rent was very inexpensive and I was blessed to have the support while I gained experience and students. It was a day to day process of learning through doing After ten years of being there I gradually moved into a studio and now have a viable and growing teaching and art business. If I were to give any advice to someone who wanted to create their dream, it would be to believe, and take a leap of faith. I am still learn by doing whether it is launching a new art program for kid’s, creative workshops for women, videos, newsletters, creating my own website, blogs , social networking, working with a new digital gadget….whatever I want to do. It is always a learning curve but very possible. Anyone can do it. All you need to do is believe in yourself, your passion and jump….

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