Violet Flame of Transformation


 I painted the canvas black and I did this because it represented for me the infinite space of being. After I meditated on the black I began to see a color and at he same time I was working with the meditation Violet Flame of Transformation during my Mandala course. As I meditated on this color I knew that the painting would be done on the black. When=n I started I felt that it would be circular and just started painting without expectations of the result. It was more energy I had all these violets on my palette as well as pinks and blues that I had mixed but mostly I mixed on my canvas as I went following my intuition until the painting was finished it is like an energy that will not let me stop until the painting is done. Luckily I had all day to do the painting with out stopping. Anyway afterwards I sat in front of it with just a candle and mediated on the center which I left black which drew me inward like infinite space. I sent the photo to my teacher and he said that he could also see images around the Mandala. I meditated on the images around the Mandala and this is when I saw the image of an owl and a woman. I took the images and did journeying around them and dialoged with them. They spoke to me the rest of the course was a many layered process and a powerful synthesis through many collage work faces of wise women that I created in clay, sketches of owls and the final work was the painting that I did which represents me as Wise Woman. This all began with my Mandala work which lasted a full year and powerful inner work and art in the course. My journey began in Resting in the Darkness…

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