Lets Go Stashing

Lets go stashing




Look for found objects to create design and texture in your surfaces



You do not have to have any or all of these things…. find whatever you think would work and use your imagination as to what would create texture on a background  



Jar lids, bottle caps,  




String or yarn

Feather, leaf,( things form nature)

Plastic fork and knife

Textured fabric pieces

Textured paper (embossed wall paper works)

Corrugated cardboard

Old earring


Window screen

Plastic canvas

Pencil with eraser

Old pen without ink

Magazines or catalogs

Collages paper (scrapbook paper, napkins, wrapping paper) 

Tissue paper white or dress pattern paper

Plastic netting from fruit bag

Cookie cutters

Stencils any kind

Credit card

Old comb

Bubble wrap

Old phone book maps or dictionary

Cheese cloth


Styrofoam plate or two to create stamps

Old sponge



* anything that creates texture shape line relief or spaces on surface

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