Fashion Figure Face Clothes and Accessories


    Fashion Figure Face Clothes and Accessories



Students will learn a bit about the history of fashion past and present the 60’s and Now. We will talk about fashion and different countries and cultures. They will learn about fashion designing and fashion designers create and fowl fabric is made.


They will learn how to draw the fashion face and figure and using a fashion template designs their own clothes. They will learn how to draw the fashion face and do a painting from their drawing. We will visit Eve Avery and look at the fashion and jewelry and sketch what they see and learn how Eve Chooses her fashion for her store and Sharon will share how she designs her windows. We will visit Retro next do to the studio and talk about hair makeup and nails and they will see an example of each and learn what is popular, visual material from the fashion  past and present will also be available for them to see examples especially fashion from the 60/s and 70’s . They will use various fashion magazines and create a collage of faces, fashion, makeup, jewelry, and other accessories.  We will also talk about design and fashion and each girl will bring in a piece of clothing and share what they see in  relation to the elements and principles of design, Thy will also draw from a real mannequin head and add jewelry and scarves as a part of their lesson in fashion. If your daughter loves clothes and wants to know more about fashion, she will want to come to this amazing week of Fashion camp June and August this camp can also be set up as an individual group by appointment…


Call to register 910-528-7283


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