The Magic of Drawing Tools and Techniques

The Magic of Drawing Tools and Techniques


June 17-21 10-3:30


Student will learn all about the art of drawing in a variety of media, they will learn about artists who loved drawing and see examples of different styles and use of drawing tools… They will learn about line and the expression of it in artwork. They will learn how to use different methods to draw and work with values  shadow light and shading to create realistic objects. We will cover  texture and tone in their art work and they  will draw with ink, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, watercolor pencil,  and a brush and see the different effects that each create. We will talk about the Dureur’sdrawings of trees and sketch their own trees from what they see.  They will learn about composition and how to create it in their own drawings and set up a still life and draw what they “see”. I will cover using the view finder, doing thumbnail sketches and how to make a transfer of their drawings. We will cover perspective and students will have the opportunity to see and draw it  in real life. Students will draw from nature and learn about keeping a sketchbook and learn about the artists who kept sketchbooks. Visual material will be used to reinforce their learning process… If your child loves to draw and really wants to work on their drawing skills, this camp is for you…



This is a five day very intense week of focused drawing with loads of creative projects…


Registration by May 23rd $90.00



Permission note, lunch and something to drink


 materials provided



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