Musing and Mumbling

 August 1st20113          


 Fist Day Joy’s Musing and Mumbling



 I want to begin this with an introduction to myself I am Joy and I love creating and I love teaching and sharing  Well I am an artist and create in all forms  and media… lets see what am I working on right now I have been doing my sewing and fiber camps and have been greatly inspired by what I have been teaching my students I love fiber and fiber techniques of all kinds so I taught them some really fun methods of surface design and creating their own fabric and then making something with their fabric… what fun they made pillows and little purses and I pod carriers and art cards and post cards and adorable little pipe cleaner dolls. I taught them how to use decorative stitches free motion embroidery and the girls took to fiber and all the creative techniques like ducks to water… It was so much fun to watch them and has now has inspired me to start my own creative projects. It is August and a perfect time to begin Holiday gifts that I will sell on Easy and I always start thinking fall and fibers about this time of year I start getting excited about working with fibers and getting out my sewing machine again, I find also that each time I do something in my studio as a class, it inspires my own creativity and gets me excited … I have no idea where this is going but I have joined Efy Wild’s 30 day Blogging as another practice so this is a beginning… it is sort of like when I do my morning pages rambling of thought that probably no body wants to read but it is a good creative practice that will give me structure for daily blogging…. Anyway this my musing and mumbling for today stay tuned…..       

2 thoughts on “Musing and Mumbling

  1. I love doing 'morning' pages. I use freewriting like this all the time to get things unstuck and out of my head ;D Great post Joy! ❤


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