May I Have the Eyes to "See"

Musing and Mumbling


Each experience and person is teacher.. As I use what I experience as an opportunity to learn something about myself and life. Each person no mater who they are can be a new door an opening an opportunity to grow and stretch.. Each experience and situation even if I do not understand or like it is an opportunity for spiritual development. I ask this question… what is this person or situation teaching me? What is the lesson, what is the message? How can I use it for growth to become a better person?  What message and gifts does this day bring? I must stay awake and aware if I am to truly hear the message. I must be consciously receptive to truly receive the blessing. It can be very small and therefore overlooked and not even noticed like a tiny flower growing in the crack of a wall or the glitter of sand falling through my fingers  I must remind myself that  the  gift is no small thing and can be as precious as gold or silver….. I must “see” “hear” and believe that I will receive the gift because the awareness prepares me for the receiving and to hear the message.

May I have the eyes to “see” and the ears to hear….

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