Daily Mindful Photography

Daily Photo Journal

Well I am joining in with Patricia Ross and her very wonderful project in doing a daily photo of mindful seeing … I am very excited about this process and I love the idea of using my camera as creative project… Not sure about my categories right now… I think I will go for a walk around my art studio and do closeups… Who knows what I will really see…..Afterwards, I will use the images in a collage or photo montage…  The next photo category will be using my own collage images as soul reading randomly choosing with eyes closed and interpreting the images as insight… sort of like Tarot… that should be interesting… Lets see…. close up of fragments on a walk but pointing and shooting randomly at what ever I am drawn to without thought… OK this a good beginning of course if it that much fun which I  am sure it will be I am sure I will have even more ides…… Thanks Patricia. I love love love it!… Just thought of a new word ( collagmages)    collage images

 Here is my  photo journey day 1

4 thoughts on “Daily Mindful Photography

  1. Collagmages 😉 I like it! I love your images Joy! I think my favorites are the bark, your handwritten note, the jar with the collage on it, the doll face, and your creative hand! I also love that you included the words that caught your eye. I feel like making a spontaneous collage of photos like this really highlights those things that were grabbing your attention in that moment ❤ I'm so glad you're doing it too! xo


  2. It was so much fun to do this I am going use the photos as journal prompts and post the journaling here as well… There are some very significant images that have deep meaning; letter from my Mom, a poem I wrote to my husband, the little bottle held my mother's ashes, the doll face made by my Mom. my favorite artist Henri Matisse, amethyst from my alter, the owl is a symbol that I use for inner work, I love scarves, the teddy bear face gift from my husband the wood is drift wood that I found on the beach ,I love the book by Julia Cameron Heart steps ,my prayer rug my husband brought back from India, I love symbolism and Carl Jung, Cross My mother used in her journal that i now have cover from my creative journal and my love for the goddess, drawing from of a photo of me and my own hand which I use in all my creative work… It is like a photo montage of me and some of things that I hold sacred. I want to use these in further work… I am so honored to share this with you… Can not wait to see more of your photoautobiography.. and I am excited about sharing this journey… Joy


  3. I love this Joy. I do my daily photo journal on Istagram (@lizzieartnsurf) maybe too many pics lol:) Are you guys using it? I wil try and see if I can select some and share them on FB group:)I love the way we subjectively catch life in all its nuances and how we can get to discover the magical world of others thru that!Love this journey, thank you!Lizzie x


  4. Lizzie Thanks so much for your comment and I am so thrilled that you are with us… I love your seed mandala and I hope that you join in on the Mindful Photography… I actually took the project one step further.I used the objects to journal. I found that doing that brought me into a deeper place tan just photographing the objects. they took on a sacredness as I remebered what their connection and meaning was… It was amazing. Iwill post what I wrote later on… I know as you are so reflective this will be something that you will enjoy and benefit as you journey with the photographed objects.. I also want o use the objects in a collage and will post that… artfully yours, Joy


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