The Spiritual in Modern Art



The great epoch of the Spiritual
which is already beginning, or in embryonic
form, began already yesterday…
provides and will provide the soul
in which a kind of monumental work
of art come to fruition.

Wassily Kandinsky’s
words written in 1910-11,
prophesied the breath and ambition
of artist’s personal , artistic
and spiritual journey as well as
transformation and expression in their art..
Countless generations of artists have been
intrigued by the mysteries offered by
spiritual philosophies, ancient writings
and belief systems.. In the 1890s
interest in the occult and mystical
thought fused with the genesis of
abstract painting, then in its embryonic form.
Kandinsky, Melevich, Kupka, Mondrian
and many others created a pure abstract vision
that embodied their involvement with
esoteric thought. Their legacy was spread
by many of their contemporaries to subsequent
generations of artists who found new means
to unite abstraction with mystical concepts,
thereby creating meaningful images.

Earl A. Powell

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