Let Your Light Shine Out


                            Light Up Your Joy



Begin session light (joy) session with getting grounded. Close your eyes for a mindful moment


 Connect with your breath breathing in and breathing out slowly…deeply… Observe where you feel in your body.


Turn on your favorite music. (Pandora has a wonderful resource.) Something that ignites your creative flame.









 Glue stick or tape


Your favorite beverage


Page through the magazine (without reading or thinking) and randomly tear out a few images that speak to you.


Tape or glue them into your journal and then answer these questions by writing over them or around them using markers and or pen. Do not think too much Free form writing (not perfect sentences)


Journal prompts


Write for five minutes.


 1. How does my life light up? Where does my life shine?


Where do I feel joy?  What creates light (joy) in my life?



 2. In what areas of my life would I like to shine my light?  


 3. What three things can I do today to add light (joy) to my life? 




 Reflect on the images you chose and the words you wrote.


Remember, that as you let your own light shine you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

 Marianne Williamson

Reflect on the images and what you have written and keep journaling if you want or go back it at another time to add more… You can use this method of collage and journaling for any question or topic.


 Your Inner Wise Woman knows.


Let your Light (joy) shine  Light up your life…… Be a light to the world…. Be Joy filled….


                                                                      Kiss of the Muse

                                                                   Creative Coaching

                                                                  Joy Hellman

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