I Call Forth My Monastic Muse

My monastic self is filled with deep understanding
And has the wisdom of the ages. She is the one who guides me in my daily life and my life journey as she sits quietly reflecting within my inner world. She holds the leys to the kingdom and the secrets of the universe. She speaks softly to me and her messages are of peace, love and truth. She brings gifts and blessings of beauty. My monastic Self teaches me to believe, to have faith as small as mustard seed and reminds me of the true meaning behind all that happens. She guides me in my life path and shows me in small signs my life purpose. I call upon my Monastic Self this day to keep me centered as I go about my activities. I am empowered by the inner chant. . May I create and express love and beauty. I am my outer self, I am my Monastic Self. They both live within me.


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