Be Green Art

Be Green  Art

This is a necklace that I created form styrofoam. It is a technique of mpainting layers and melting with a heat gun creating a stone like effect that makes it look heavy but it is very light. It is also from my series of Plastic is Beautiful Jewelry which is made from plastic water bottles, milk jug plastic, melted Styrofoam re-purposed tin and found objects, this is a piece based on the Woman of wisdom the Wisdom within all women and Sophia Goddess of wisdom. The face is created with a clear glass Cabochon with one of my faces decoupaged on the back giving the face has a magnified effect. People have actually had to feel the piece to it to see if it was heavy and were amazed to find out that it was not stone…. I also make unique ancient like earrings with Styrofoam is an amazing material that i use in my art all the time.. try it and you will see for yourself….
check back to see my collection which will also be shown on Facebook under Be Green Art and Artifacts as well as Plastic is Beautiful blog here soon.

Multimedia Artist and Owner of Joy’s Creative Space
Joy Hellman

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