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Joy Hellman, Women of the Hut, Fiber Art of Creation Story for cancer fundraiser

Joy Hellman, Women of the Hut, Fiber Art of Creation Story for cancer fundraiser

Shauna Lee Lange ~ Art Church is pleased to announce a 2014 expansion and partnership with Artist Joy Hellman who will head Art Church North Carolina.  Art Church seeks to inspire and inform creatives who are working at the intersections of Faith, Art and Culture.  Joy’s inspirational websites are listed below.

Joy is a well-versed and seasoned multimedia artist. She works in a variety of media: fibers, wire, glass, as well as clay, and also oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, collage, digital and mixed media. She is always experimenting and exploring in both traditional art materials as well as recyclables. At Joy’s studio, you’ll find her writing, thinking, creating and teaching all things art to both children and adults.  She facilitates many unique and exciting creative workshops and muse groups.

Joy is a seeker both in spiritual philosophy and art. A lifetime student and lover of learning, she is a vibrant channel for the Creative Spirit.  When her Joy of Art Studio began, she was only aware that she loved art and wanted to share what she knew and wanted to work in the creative field.  Joy had no experience in teaching or working with groups of kids, so she began by working with organizations and volunteering. She says,

“I feel that this was wonderful and incredibly valuable way to gain experience. As I worked with kids, I discovered the power of art. I did not have my own space and a limited number of students. I decided to go into my own business having neither idea nor knowledge of how to go about it. I just took a step, came up with my name Joy of Art mainly because my name is Joy and with the loving belief and support of my husband jumped into the unknown…. . I believe that in doing something that is risky, it is important to take a leap of faith even if you do not know what you are doing.”

Joy ran her business in an office building while she built it up. The rent was very inexpensive and she was blessed to have support while she gained experience and students. It was a day-to-day process of learning through doing and after ten years of being there, she  gradually moved into a studio and now has a viable and growing teaching and art business that comes from the heart.

Joy Hellman

Joy Hellman uses creative journaling as a daily practice.

If Joy were to give any advice to someone who wanted to create their dream, it would be to believe, and take a leap of faith. She is still learning by doing…whether it is launching a new art program for kids, creative workshops for women, videos, newsletters, creating her own website, blogs, social networking, working with a new digital gadget….whatever she feels moved and inspired to do. Joy asks North Carolina to remember, it is always a learning curve but very possible. Anyone can do it. All you need to do is believe in yourself, your passion, the hand of God, and then … jump!

Joy Hellman’s Kiss of the Muse (Creativity Coaching Website)

Joy Hellman’s Meeting Your Monastic Muse Through Inner Work & Creativity Blog

Joy Hellman’s Joy of Creating Blog

Joy Hellman’s Discover Your Inner Wise Woman Workshop

Joy Hellman’s Modern Art Through Spirituality Class

Joy Hellman’s Kiss of the Muse Group

Joy Hellman’s Mandala for Self-Discovery & Expression

Joy Hellman’s Joy of Art Creative Surfaces

Joy Hellman’s Spirituality in Creative Expression

Joy Hellman’s Joy of Art Studio

Joy Hellman’s Joy of Art You Tube Channel

Shauna and Joy both welcome you, if you have a heart for Christian art expression and live in the United States, to join them in Art Church today!

Shauna Lee Lange ~ Art Church is an art advisory consortium specializing in liturgical art and artists. Art Church works to positively inspire visually creative Christian communities who are navigating the intersections of art, faith & culture. 941.875.5190Reach us on Twitter @shaunaleelange All original copyrighted content and images are the property of the author, images of Joy Hellman and her work are property of the artist. 

Creative Art Consultants International (est. 2006), is Ms. Lange’s no-cost, openly integrated social media think-tank with over 6,700 participating global arts professionals. Shauna Lee Lange Professional Artist and U.S. Veteran, is also a thought leader working in the fields of public installation art, visual strategies & thinking, and art sustainability; her self-taught art journals, visual diaries, and sketchbooks are exhibited nationally. Lange directs 10 solo shows in 2013 – 2015 featuring Organic Microcircles Series (neo-pointillism) with Charlotte County Florida Art in Public Places


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