Intuitive Inspiration



intuitive drawing on a large canvas being totally open to the process of the unknown using a similar technique as Zen doodling this will be a daily doodle to create layers on the canvas … I believe that we can find inspiration anywhere if we are have to open to the voice of your muse and heed her call in any media or technique our heart calls for… for me my inspiration is generated with each creative project that I do one always leads to another… an example of that is the group that I m doing with Angi on daily doodling is now in the process on a large canvas that I am doing my daily doodle on.. can not wait to see what happens one more thing the Zen Doodle has symbols of seeds and eyes something I have been working on in my inner work and mediation The Word Wide Awake and The Seed of Myself brings forth the flowers..

the Eco Jewelry that I am doing and have been doing with green material is now generating ideas to create cuff bracelets from the green material.. creativity is magic! Joydoodle on canvas-001DSC03351









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