30 Day Paiinting Challange





I invite you all to join me. It’s very simple and easy … all you need to do is paint 30 paintings in 30 days. You can post your paintings daily here or on my blog to share and I hope my blog will offer encouragement for those of you who might fall behind, need inspiration or have no idea what to paint!
I am doing this challenge for a lot of reasons. Personally, I need to paint more so I know this challenge will get me in my studio every day. I also firmly believe that if you paint more regularly you will improve your painting skills in dramatically. I am sharing this with you because I would like to open up the challenge to other artists who want to join me. We will begin May 1st If you have questions please post here. It is going to be fun and a great way to expand your creativity and your painting skills. Open to all levels. Joy



16 thoughts on “30 Day Paiinting Challange

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  2. Effy,

    Thanks for posting my 30 day Painting in may I am so excited that you are joining and hoping that it will geminate ideas of creativity in other people who want o join. I think we all meet little glitches in our creative journey and I believe that when we support one another and join in on a creative circle together magic happens for everyone. this is why I want o do the 30 day. I need inspiration and reinforcement to continue painting and love the ide of doing it with other creative… Lets all paint!



  3. I really need to increase my painting(hesitate to say skills). I would love to join and hope I can keep up. I will head over to FB and look for you Joy. Looking forward to the group support and experiences, I need it. I always feel compelled to create but sometimes I can’t get the confidence to put it down on paper or journal or even digital tablet. I hope to gain painting skills and some confidence.


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