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Life Is Fiction


Because coffee really deserves it’s own post.

The delicious dark drink does seem a little more magical than most.  Most sources will tell you that the average cup of coffee has 100 mgs of caffeine.  What they won’t tell you is that it also has 500 mgs of motivation and 200 mgs of bravery – a little something that makes the blank page look a little less scary.

I can’t (read: won’t) write without a cup of coffee anymore, and I’m fine with that.  Since I started getting into the habit of grabbing a cup before I sit down with my computer I’ve actually doubled or tripled the amount of writing I do over the course of a week.  I’m more consistent, too.  Going to find a nice place to write isn’t nearly as appealing as the soothing routine of walking to the coffee shop, getting a fresh coffee, and…

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