Writing Down the Stones

Writing Down the Stones

Ok well this s interesting never heard of the process before it is worth a try I always like experimenting reminds me of writing down the bones hope I can get in touch with some things not on the surface but deep under why did I write that I am not wanting to go under the deep water of myself I am a fish that likes just swimming at the top but really in order to truly find out what is going in inside I have to go inside it is like a microscope and setting it on a lens that can see what no other lens can see what is in that drop of water that I call life deep in the drop of water like an ocean.. now what is all that about? I am feeling like I am all alone and no one is watching but I am the eye that sees all I am the observer I see what is inside the drop of water I am the lens I am also the water the drop of water as well as what swims in the water I am all of it the object but also the observer of the object now that is deep hey this actually works writing down free conscious words can actually take you on a trip into your own inner world the world of space but no space hidden yet revealed in a speck in a sound what would the sound like well what is the space between the words that I write the silent space between thought and the next thought a circle ripple a spiral it goes round and round and reverberates vibrates outward inward it spirals and like a labyrinth I walk silently meditating on one stone at my feet at a time not paying attention to the next stone a head that is the journey of life walking and observing and allowing the flow of whatever comes not paying attention to what happened or what will happen because it does not exist all there is the one stone like writing is a dot on the paper a matrix or point of light that has no beginning and no end stop is it over have a I wrote the full saturation of my thoughts this is strange unlike a morning pages where I am consciously forcing words because I am more of who I am the one who is writing but this is like being written through and not being in control of anything that comes from myself it is a part of me like atoms are all me and yet a part of something greater it is all That
it is all Thou…..

Experimented with free conscious writing not thinking about what I was writing allowing the words to flow without force th


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