What Did I Miss?

This is an amazing writer that has such wisdom

Source of Inspiration


I played the piano for an hour
before I realized I had forgotten
to put on my glasses.

When did I begin to see better,
after months of being almost blind?
How could I have not noticed when
my vision is better now that it has
ever been?

What else am I missing as I go
through life? What is right before
me that I do not see?

It is said that “the kingdom of heaven”
is within but where? Why couldn’t I see it?
Instead, I read mountains of books, watched
YouTube videos, listened to other people’s
views and never
looked within to see
if heaven is
really there!

but then, I did
and there it was!

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2 thoughts on “What Did I Miss?

  1. I get her inspiration daily in my box I do not how she comes up with her daily inspiration. I was doing stream of consciousness writing and well I need to get back some amazing things was coming from the process and I was receiving comments from writers.. I do not think of myself as a writer I was just exploring intuitive writing like I do my intuitive collage.. it was a lot of fun. Have you done stream of consciousness writing before? this writer does it as a daily practice.. I admire that but not sure I can or want o do daily writing I am doing a pretty intensive practice already and do not have time to add anything else… you know how that is there is just not enough time to do all that I want to do….


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