Thirty Days of Daily Painting

Woman holding multicoloed palette

The launching of the daily painting began May 1st and I am pleased to write that it is a success so far. The people that have joined seem very involved with their creative process and are supporting one another . This is one of the reasons that I created the group. I really believe that all artists need support and can learn form one another’s process

AS an artist that is always creating in many forms and needed the connection with other artists doing the same, I wanted to form a group of artists who wanted to connect with other artists . I al so Want to emphasize the uniqueness of the creative expression as well as the process we all experience as we create. I believe also that we need to become aware of our process so that when we meet a block we will be able to use the tools as well as our own practice to break through that block…
I think also that developing and reinforcing our own creative practice is a method where by we tap into communicate and strengthen that creative spirit within each one of us . .
This is exciting for me and I am truly honored that other artists have joined in the creative journey….

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