Third Day Daily Painting




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Third day Daily Painting in front of a Boutique

This is my painting third day outside downtown I did the little paintings by sketching on the canvas and then painting much like a coloring book effect.. I love doing this especially when I am doing something as a series and in the public. I have my canvases all ready and I do not think about what I am painting.. I have done a lot of paintings in this same way and even did people’s rooms, dogs, cats kids toys I call them Joy’s Whimsical Creations and I have been greatly influenced by Henri Matisse’s art patterns color and perspective.
I really like doing preliminary sketches of my painting ideas and working through the painting process of blocking in layering and building color on to the canvas. I also love the details that I can put in my paintings because it is like it is like creating my own little world.
Sometimes I do the drawing in my sketch book while watching a movie and the next day either printing and transferring it onto the canvas or using it as reference to sketch it right on the canvas… It is never exactly as the sketch I take way change and add as I go.

I often use photos for reference especially when doing paintings from some one’s room but there are several that I compile into the painting…..the paintings are not realistic but have a coloring book effect….
I have done paintings of living rooms little girl’s bedrooms, a little boy’s toys dogs and cats. All of the paintings are whimsical.

2 thoughts on “Third Day Daily Painting

  1. yes it is so true I love Matisse’s work and greatly influences my room paintings.. I also love the idea of creating whimsical little rooms and making people happy with my paintings just like Matisse. It was so much fun. I am hoping to do more paintings from someone’s room or their dog cat or children’s toys… I am going to start painting the downtown as well in the same style. will post them later on …. Thanks Patricia…


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