Creative Spark



Art Self Discovery and Expression   



Living a Creative Life




observe everything really “see”

choose to be creative in all that you do

have fun and trust your own process


create for you and when it works for you


take time for solitude.

turn life’s obstacles around. (see through rose colored glasses)

seek out new experiences.

“fail up.” See failure or mistakes as process and opportunity

ask the big questions. What if?

people-watch .nature watch



take risks. Stretch, unfurl, unfold grow.

view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression. See your uniqueness.

follow your true passions.

get out of their own head and stop seeing life and experiences through grey glasses..

lose track of the time. Time is your friend..

surround yourself with beauty.

Follow the trail know your own path.

Listen to your own drummer

Follow your intuition

Play play play

Explore experiment be an creative alchemist

make time for mindfulness. Slow down and stop to smell the roses



  Mindful seeing and photography . I photographed my hands and wrote about the symbol of my own hands

I am Your Hands

I speak…..

I have been…

I have touched…

I hold…

I have felt…

I create…

I see…
I want…
I reach out to….
I have held….
I do….

I need…

I ache…

I discover…

I express…

I make better…

I heal…

I caress…

I am your hands……






This is a painting that I did expressing my own inner heron representing the light of myself spreading the colors of love…


Kiss of the Muse Creative Coaching

Here I am in my studio doing process intuitive painting not thinking about the colors that I place on the paper but allowing each color to speak to me




Inner Landscape
I used photo images from magazines to create this collage and dream board. I reflected on y dream and while I was in the state of reflection, I randomly chose images without thought, intuitively and afterwards put the dream board together. The second part of this and one I will share later is to journal about the images and their meaning. This is a very powerful and non -threatening method which can really help with working with your dreams




I created this intention mandala during a New Years workshop and my intention is based on” I am a flower child at heart.”.

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