Dreamscapes and Monet

I did a class with students and we talked about Monet and Impressionisms
so I was doing a painting demonstration of the brushstrokes. after they left I kept painting and after three hours I finished a landscape. I am planning to use it in my collage dreamscapes that I m also working on .. I am also using my own painted background for the dreamscapes will post he ones that I do on this background later on today… hope everyone will want to learn this technique in June It is such a fun and creative way to use your photo images I also found out that you can reduce the collage smaller cut out the images again and even alter the background to create another dreamscape There is one catch… it can be addicting once I started and I had y collage images I could not stop that is the secret of the process
having the images cut out ahead of time. this is what I do when I am home watching a movie cut out my images. I find that this is just as much fun and you are feeding your own creative well at the same time… I hope you start collecting your own images… Have fun….
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