Monday Morning Mixed Media Medley

Monday Morning Mixed Media Medley
The online group and discover your own creativity. Explore, media and techniques and build trust in your process as you experiment with a variety of creative exercises to express your inner muse. We will play with collage and mixed media techniques, do expressive free form drawing and painting, tap into your inner imagery through guided meditation techniques and journal your process. Interactive sharing and support is a very important part of this group.

No art skills required.

Self exploring and discovery through the creative process is the theme.

Materials will be listed before each session
PDFS and tutorial videos will also be available for use and group process.

video every Monday

Material and techniques will be taken from several books and list will be posted if you want to follow along in the reading/study, but is not required.
link to my blog and further resources will also be accessible for group and individual use.
This is a pilot program and test run for my online workshops which will be available in 2014

No Charge Closed group Joyof_Art@msn2014-06-006





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