Art Self Discovery, Exploration and Expression



Part of my process is to create art like a child as a sort of remedial art class. As far as I can determine, my art critic started speaking to me at 6 yrs old (when I started school). Before that, I was always praised for my art, even if the cow was blue with pink dots and 2 legs.

I created a crayon drawing as a 6 yr old, in the Fresh Paint app. This was a process piece in drawing as a child and learning the app. I’m learning what tools create the results I want, such as my choice of paper or canvas, crayon or oil paint. The app gives a fairly good representation of the actual media.

I used crayon on drawing paper; it gave great coverage. One of the things I learned is that I like a little white space especially around the images.

I heard no art critic; I felt free and uninhibited. I decided that my horse would be purple and so he is. My man is partly blue and it’s perfectly natural. I had fun drawing and coloring and I’m pretty happy with my results.

This app has become an important part of my process in creating my actual artwork. For some paintings where I’ve determined what I’m going to paint, it’s a good tool to use to work my ideas out. I know the actual piece will have it’s differences, but I think I’ll have a good idea of what the finished piece will or could look like.

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