Fantasy Fairies

Fantasy Fairies by Joy Hellmansafe_image efe2c193bb526399d491b45b43890a15

Create these whimsical art dolls from chenille, fabric strips, beads, fibers, dyed wool, wire and embroidery thread. Bendable fantasy fairies and angels for your hearts delight. Just in time or the holidays..

Tutorial CD and Printed material $30.00

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Fairies

  1. Omgosh! They’re so beautiful! I haven’t been here in awhile I’m afraid, and I love what you’ve done with your site! I am alway so inspired by your work Joy :)) I’ll Tweet and share your new offering ❤


  2. Reblogged this on Joy's Creative Space and commented:

    Thanks Patricia did you by chance get the post about your mandala in the Autumn Arts group I am making skeleton leaf fair wings and earrings with the design team project and di a tutorial video will post here soon. inspired by you always…. Sister Artist,


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