Life is but a Dream

Collage and Inner Process

Intuitive Process of Imagery, the Symbols in Inner Work  and Creative Process

Using imagery in a free form intuitive process to create a dreamscape is a creative and fun method for doing spontaneous collage that will feed your create well. all you need is cut out images ( cut out my images a head of time,) working with images is something you can do without a lot of material because you do not even have to glue them down. You can use the images to write about and do inner work or even future dream work. You can also reduce the images to a card size and make your own dream cards for mediation or dream work…

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Life is but a Dream

DSC04084 DSC04087 DSC04089 DSC04090 DSC04091 DSC04134 (2)

Archetypes Emerging

This brief video will introduce you to a small sampling of the content available in the eBook: Archetypes Emerging: A workbook to access the wisdom of archetypes through intuitive multi-sensory exploration. Visit for more information about the eBook and Body Wisdom Rising. The music for this video is “Risen Mist” by the Totems.


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