Calling All Artists

I will need the following information:
1: 3-4 images of different paintings (you send me the images and I will upload them to the blog post)
2:  Links to each of the paintings
3: Some information about you, the artist, how you got started as an artist, what do you paint with (oils, pastels, acrylics, pencils, other art…)
How long have you been an artist?
What tips can you give that have made your artwork easier, such as tools, brushes, paint, etc? (this may help others)
Do you sell your art? The place where we can buy your art.
Thanks very much.
Please, again, if you know other artists, please have them contact me.  I need the information by November because I have to put all the info together… hoping to have it done for January (which will be here before we know it!) and I will start writing the blog posts and scheduling them to post on certain days.
So, ARTISTS…. START SENDING YOUR INFO, and I will start writing and scheduling my posts….
THE SOONER YOU EMAIL ME THE BETTER YOUR CHANCE OF HAVING A FEATURE! And you never know who will see this feature or what good things will come from this, so JUST DO IT 🙂
 ( I have had loads of interest already!)
And if you have emailed me and I have not returned your email, please let me know so I can reply and get you featured!

8 thoughts on “Calling All Artists

    • I have posted photos of my art and a profile on my blog will send a link and you can chose from what I posed I am a multi media artist and work in all kinds of material. Looking forward to connecting with you more here and on your blog. Joy


  1. Hiya Joy, If you could just send me the jpgs to my email address and where you have them for sale, that would be great, I have had such a big response to my post and people emailing me, it would be easier if you send me the jpgs that you want featured and tell me where they are for sale for the feature. I hope this isnt a problem but I have to put some guidelines in for people to follow. You have some very nice art. If you could send me 3-4 jpg images and then send me the link to post on them when I wrote the feature, so people can find them and if they are for sale. Thanks Joy I really am looking forward to your feature, it is nice to meet you 🙂 Kind regards, Cindy (and thank you very much for subscribing to my newsletter! ) 🙂


  2. Hey Joy, sorry I just read your reply again. Yes that would be great if you could just send me the links to the jpgs I will write the post and connect the images with the Links… thanks very much, looking forward to it! 🙂


  3. Cindy I have an artist friend who might be interested should she just email you to let you know. I will message her today. Thanks so much for doing this am so excited to be a part of this Artists project a wonderful way to connect with other artist all over the world. I am also creating a page just for my art here so it will be much easier to see. Happy Thanksgiving, Joy


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