Angel Art Doll

I am one of the design team on Blue Twig Studio and am delighted to be a part of this amazing group of creative artists and so happy that I can share my little Angel Art Dolls with you. I hope you enjoy the videos and looking forward to doing even more projects and seeing everyone creative ides. I think we will learn so much for each other. Thanks, Joy


Alternative  Material for Angel Doll at Blue Twig Studio productimage-picture-club-ribbons-trims-3241_JPG_250x250_q85 productimage-picture-daisy-chain-604b-1393_jpg_250x250_q85 productimage-picture-judikins-embossing-powder-aquamarine-twinkle-3371_jpg_250x250_q85 productimage-picture-skeleton-leaves-burgundy-793_jpg_250x250_q85 productimage-picture-perfect-pearls-mist-bronze-1329_jpg_250x250_q85 productimage-picture-proheater-heat-tool-1807_png_250x250_q85DSC05935



These little angels can bend sit or hang they are year round you can give them an intention for the year ask them for a blessing, give them as gifts to your friends, make more all kinds and themes seasons and subjects make art dolls that are whimsical  make little fairies tiny little itsy bitsy you name it and once you make one it is like eating chocolate if you eat chocolate, you will not be able to stop! One of these little angels will be at Blue Twig Studio  on display after Thanksgiving I hope to see what you do with this project and how you use the ribbons and skeleton leaves.

Happy Arting,

Joy / f /

Gallery of Angels

doll4            doll8             Angel11   Angel10          Angel9         Angel8Angel6   Angel5 /




6 thoughts on “Angel Art Doll

    • Thanks Deb for posting my Angel Art Dolls on Blue Twig Studio blog I am so honored and happy to be on of the design team and looking forward to doing the next project and creating with the products. Happy Thanksgiving, Joy


  1. Cute angels and fairies! So simple to create, yet no two need be alike! How fun!! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing what else you create for Blue Twig Studio products! Also will enjoy getting to know you better! Lynnita


    • Thanks Lynne they are fun to create and I love to see what people do with the project idea and the kind of doll comes from it please send me photos and I will post them here and if you want share your story and how you made them.. love to hear more. Joy


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