Pencil Girls # 14, 15 and 16

Carrie’s Pencil Girls have so much expression she is a wonderful artist check out her blog you will love it.

Carrie Cordero Designs

Pencil Girl # 14’s story is here .

Pencil Girl # 15


Pencil Girl #16


This pencil girl journey has already brought so much joy into my life. Each girl was made with an unexplained eagerness to learn, explore, and memorize the look I am looking for. Every time I sit and work on a girl, I always have the feeling of both tranquility and excitement. The exercise gives my mind the time away from everyday life and its challenges. To say the least, I am always spaced out when I sketch.

I am blessed to be given the chance to explore this unique talent I could never imagine I have and can harness. I have said it before and I am saying it again, never in my wildest dream would I imagine myself drawing. And now that I am, I am filled with gratitude!

My girls are still a…

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