Book Club

I thought Deb had some amazing insight into the Impressionists one of my passions as an artist as well would have loved to live at that time of exciting changes in art.

Blue Twig Studio

We read “The private Lives of the Impressionists” by Sue Roe for book club this month.

This is another rather long book, and I found that a lot of it read kind of like a textbook. Some of it was a bit of a struggle to just casually read. There are lots of names and dates and locations and geography, as well as a few photos (I would have liked to have more photos of the various painters artwork).

Impression, sunrise: Claude Monet Impression, sunrise: Claude Monet

Yet there are some really great stories and insights into the Impressionist painters. The book worked very hard to be chronological and introduce the various people as they came into the picture. We meet lots of people before the ‘group’ ever starts to form. It was a long time before there actually was a ‘group’ of Impressionist painters. For a long time they were just…

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