mounting the stones

I love the ancientness of stones I collected rocks when I was a kid love your work powerful! Joy


between clearing my studio rubbish ( well actually Malachy is doing that, thank you ♥) and actually painting, I have been thinking about how I am going to display all this new work. Many of the new Ceide Fields Stones series paintings are very textured and would benefit from NOT being distanced behind glass. So I think I am goung to mount them on panels. There are 15 that Ibwant to do this way, so I might need a mortgage!
The small 6 x 8″ maplike pieces are on paper and have rather irregular edges,mm so I think they will have to be behind glass, but I am hoping to work out a simple design that doesnt overwhelm them

Here are 4 of the ones that I definitely think should be on panels





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2 thoughts on “mounting the stones

  1. thanks very much for the reblog, Joy 🙂 My Ceide Fields series of paintings is growing rapidly! All these works have grown out of my recent visit to Ceide Fields in Mayo, where a network of 5 thousand year old field boundary walls have been discovered beneath the peat bog. That really is ancient, our neolithic ancestors 🙂


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