Tapping into the Inner Wise Woman through Creative Collage Process


I am Wise Woman Card

When working with the creative process in a mixed media or collage technique , it is important to be open to the intuition and spontaneity. When you allow the intuition  to guide you in the process, your art work will be much more meaningful and powerful and it will tell the story even if it is from your subconscious. In a dream we do not always understand the symbols until we delve into the meaning as it is a special language of the soul. It is the same in the creative process. It is the language of the soul. It is the same process that we tap into when we dream. We have but to open our self to it’s wisdom. Creativity can also be a form of meditation, as we work with the images, messages from e soul are given to us as gifts from simply working with the process.

Materials for the collage

Magazines images strips and words

Gel medium

Surface for collage or journal page

Tissue paper or paper towel





Other collage papers

Sort through magazine for colors textures patterns images and words you can begin with an image or word as your theme or pick a color or colors to begin with and look for those colors for the background as a beginning.. You can also randomly pick out things that simply jump out and do not try to intellectualize what you chose. It is more of an intuitive process allowing the images to speak to you…

Cut the background pages into strips the images and words that you have chosen.

Use watered down gel medium or glue and covers the surface with the strips as background. let dry or dry with hair blower/ heat gun

After dry use watered down paint or water color to stain and give a wash over the strips.. Let dry.

Arrange the images on the background and layer or overlap images to create interest and a story.. Layer and create middle ground, Dry

Stain over the images with wash of color this will bring everything back and unify your mixed media piece..

Use thick paint on your stamp and stamp on the surface in areas of the collage. Stamp on the tissue and tear glue onto the collage hiding part of an image for mystery creating another layer…You will also see the image through the tissue/ tear and glue pieces of napkin painted paper towel or transparent collage papers in areas again for interest in your collage. Do the same with words and stain them in the same color of the wash to blend them into the background so they do not stick out too much and unified in the story…

Second part of the process 

Look at your collage for symbols-write the list in your journal and stream of conscious write your feelings thoughts etc. about your symbols

Look up the symbols and their meaning

Scan or take a digital photo of collage to keep in your online folder for future use, reduce image and print up image, glue onto cardstock or cardboard in a card size form This will be used as a soul card for more inner work. Allow your symbols to speak to you in your dreams, meditations and spirit journey for further insight… journal journal deeper each time a and go further into the personal symbols as a metaphor for your self study during the program…

This will be a process that we will use throughout the “I Am Wise Woman

Be open to your own interpretations and journaling for deeper meaning…

This is a creative method for using collage as a journaling process


I Am Wise Woman
This is a self exploratory, self discovery, self transformative, self integrative process through inner work, journaling and creativity for those who are ready to answer the call of the Wise Woman Archetype.

This is also a process that will run through the year and will follow up with an intensive workshop in the fall. I hope that you join the Circle of Wise Woman
Ages 50-

Contact me at joyof_art@msn.com  or Facebook me  for more information about the group. Begins January 2016











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