Vision of Intention 2016

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Join me for the 2016  Vision of Intention


In my studio




Vision of Intention December 28, 29,30, and 31 in preparation for new year


Do Ritual according to your own needs and pace


Meditation/ Reflection and gratitude for all that happened in 2015 that has brought you to where you are right now.

Questions to reflect on


What do I want to say goodbye and let go of from this year?


Write those things that you want to let go of on tiny pieces of paper and do a burning an letting go ritual.

I no longer want in my life……

Affirmation I let go of………..

I say goodbye to……

Where Have I Been? Where am I now?

  1. High points
  2. Accomplishments
  3. Challenges
  4. Growth Marks
  5. How have I grown?
  6. What one lesson will I take into 2016?
  7. What precious memory will I take from 2015?


Where do I want to go?

Reflect and journal about what you want to create in your life in 2016

Visualization of what you want to create in 2016. What do you envision

Word for the year

Do something creative with the word that you have chosen.

A painting

 a drawing

 a poem

 a song

a dance

a collage


Collage Vision Cards based on intention and affirmation for 2016


Mandala based on intention word for the Year

create a intention mandala beginning with the word for you intention allow your mind and hand freedom with what ever medium you chose to create It does not have to be the word but simply reflect as you create the mandala.

Here is an example of my mandala . My word is Woman of Wisdom. It represents shield and Spiritual Warrior. It is not one who fights negativity but one who pierces it and turns it into light. My word for this year is Wisdom following the in .honor of Sophia Goddess of Wisdom and expressing it in my life this also follows that I will be doing my Wise

Woman ceremony in the spring. The shield also


represents strength and my inner wisdom. the whole theme is around wisdom of the earth and how I may heal it, wisdom in consciousness and I can express it through my life, and right living in all areas .

Use a plate to make a circle and begin in the center the eye of the mandala and segment the circle using what ever you want fill in each of the sections with colors and shapes reflecting on your intention for the year.

What is Conscious Living?

I live consciously in my life by……

Work through a process with

I want….

I can….

I will….

I am or have….


Write it in an affirmation form example


I want to be confident in all the goals that I set

I can be confident in all the goals that I set

I will be confident it all the goals that I set

I am confident in the Goals that I set

I act confidently in any of the goals that I set





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