Morning Practice

1488209_236987563143016_1766321361_nMy Meaningful Morning Practice


My mornings begin at 4:30 waking up with my husband. I have my coffee with him and do my journaling. This is when I come up with my greatest ideas during that journaling time and implement them that day.. It could be an idea for a creative project, something I want to share in my blog, Face book group, a meditation that I want to focus on that morning or just a new class that I want to do that week with my students..

  I listen to an affirmation while I am getting ready for my morning meditation to change the state of my mind into a more receptive channel for silence. . 

I sit down at my alter that I have set up for my mediation and light a tea candle;. Sometimes I also choose a particular song that is inspiring as a meditation and or a reading from The Essene Book of Days as a focus.

 After I sit for my meditation, I cover myself with a shawl that is a symbol for enclosing me in spirit and being ready for my sitting. I meditate for twenty minutes and afterwards I do a ritual that I made up. I use oil on my forehead and say May my inner eye be open to truth beyond illusion. May I be consciously awake and aware.  I touch my heart and say May my heart be open to love in all that I am and do. I touch my wrists and say May my hands be open to service of goodness. I have a glass of water on my alter and I drink it three times saying I drink deep the water of life and at he last drop of water I say I am one with the Source. Then I use the Affirmation Something exciting and good will happen today I look forward to it with expectation awareness and enthusiasm.


I have also started doing a blessing bowl where I add things I am grateful for that day.

I do a one –three Tarot card reading and journal about that and what it might mean for me.

After that I do my posting on my blog and update that.


While listening to an inspiring audio or video. I find that having a morning practice gives me a focus and intention for the day.


What is your morning practice and how do you use it to center for the day? What tools or ongoing methods do you use. If you do not have a morning practice, what would you like to do this year as a morning practice for yourself

One thought on “Morning Practice

  1. I write in my journals. I have a 5 year diary and write a brief comment about the previous day. I then randomly pick a writing prompt from a book of writing ideas and write a 1 to 2 page short short short story.
    I then read a passage from a book. This varies. Right now it is a an anthology about trees.
    If I am in an online class I do a little work for this. Finally I do some creative work. Which might be a journal page for a journal group I am in, or a SoulCollage (r) card or just some free form painting or maybe a crafts item I am working on for our vendor table such as a fairy wand.
    I try to do this from 630 when I wake up until 730 when my partner wakes so that TV is still off and the house is silent except for the cats.


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