Soul Collage and Tarot My Own Journey


I wanted to share how wonderful this class has been for me in both my art and self discovery. During the twenty-two weeks of collage and study, I followed along and not only did a journal of collage work based on each Tarot card but also did some journaling where I wrote my own interpretation of the imagery and symbols that I put together. I enjoyed the process of gathering the imagery up for the collage and learning much more about the card from what Stephanie shared in the group with us. I loved the support of the other members when I checked in and even when I did not have time to do that, I still completed the class all the way to the end. I would also recommend this class to anyone who wanted to learn more about the Tarot in a creative method. The only thing for me that was sad is when the process ended. I found doing this really reinforced my own creative process and even reflected in my art as well as in the women’s Oasis group that I run at my studio. Stephanie is a powerful teacher and I am looking forward to doing another one of her classes in the future.

Joy Hellman

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