Blessing Angels

DSC06035These little angels make me happy when I make one of them. They actually speak to me and tell me who they go to. I had a very wonderful miracle that happened a guy came in because he had heard about my Blessing Angels and wanted to get one for his daughter who was in surgery. I was lead to give him one and said that it was the blessing of healing. He gave the angel to here and the next week came in just to tell me that she was doing well.. I knew that it was the blessing angel. The first angel I made was from one of Mom’s blouses after she passes away. She still sits on my alter. I have made angels for baby clothes bride dresses shirts form a man husband who died and dresses that no longer fit but are still special, little boy angels from boy clothes, and even a doll made from a bride dress form India… They have gone to Paris and Japan I have so many stories that are similar. Each time I make one magic happens… This little angel will be going to Colorado… who knows where the next angels will go and what blessing they will bring someone…






15 18 Angel for peace Angel of Nature Angel of Prosperity Angel of Spring Angel3 Angel5 Angel6 Angel8 Angel9 Angel10 Angel11 Autumn Angel doll3-001 doll4 doll5 doll8

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