Creating Surface with Stencils and Color Mist

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Creating Surface with Color Mist and Stencils


  Begin with white Art Tissue as the beginning surface ( can also use white fabric)






Material List


Mr. Hughes Color Mist





Stencils Rhonda’s Fragments



productimage-picture-rhondas-fragments-film-reel-2856_jpg_150x150_q85                 productimage-picture-rhondas-fragments-rotary-phone-2865_tn_w60_h60



Molding Paste


 Modeling Paste


Metallic Paint



Black and white paint


  black                   white




I used the stencil to spray the mist through to create a negative

Used as a stamp with brushing white paint on stencil

Use it with Molding Paste to create raised areas

Stamping into wet paint to take paint off the surface


Wipe off the paint inside the stencil shapes to remove the paint


Paint through the stencil shape



Spray mist through the stencils randomly to create first surface and to do a wash of color on surface. While the Paint is wet use stencil to take paint off.


Dry and repeat another layer of stamping white paint and stencil shape stamp in random texture overlaying the stencil shapes


Use Molding Paste and stencil spread the paste over the stencil and lift carefully to create raised areas. Dry


Use another shape ( I used the lid of the bottle to create small circles on surface


Rub metallic paint over white to make it less white


Spray mist through stencil over laying an are 

Lastly use shape again to overlay onto the white texture to create another layer




This fiber can be used as collage material for covering another object


Journal page

Glass bottle plate or vase

Cigar box

Papier Mache box

Mini journal

Art Card


Technique can also be created on fabric to make art quilts


Blue Twig Studio

 DSC06303                           DSC06263

Mini Journal created with the tissue                              Fabric created with Color Mist and Stencils







 ATC with the Symbol of Circles

 Journal made with the tissue paper  and fabric created with the stencils and color mist

DSC06307              DSC06308

 Larger Journal created with both Tissue and Fabric



This is is a just a few things that you can create with the stencils and Color Mist


I hope this inspires you to create with your collage material


I for one was very excited about these products and plan to use it again in other creative projects..


Joy Hellman  








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