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Transforming ‘Green” Material through the Alchemy of the Creative Process into Art

Includes instruction cd and print out as well as individual instructions through



I wanted to do something to help reduce the landfill and I believe that Green” material is the thing to use. It is amazing what you can do and what you can create through the creative transformation… I love the idea of people wearing my jewelry to make a statement for the earth. Also I love the process of creating it. I think that artist creating from found objects is similar to the ancients that created from what they found in their own environment. I am hoping that someday a piece of my art will be found and held by someone in the future who ask the same question we do when holding an ancient piece of pottery. Plastics is a new art material.. and it can be beautiful when seen through an artist’s eye…

I can also take something meaningful to you and incorporate into a piece of jewelry.



Fantasy Fairies by Joy Hellman

Create these whimsical art dolls from chenille, fabric strips, beads, fibers, dyed wool, wire and embroidery thread. Bendable fantasy fairies and angels for your hearts delight. Just in time or the holidays..

Tutorial CD and Printed material $30.00


I love to experiment when I create my jewelry and I also love to repurpose things that I find and make it into something totally different. I experimented with wire when creating my necklaces and decided to play with rings after seeing video and someone was making them… I started making rings and ever since people love them. They are a real eye-catcher’s because they are not your usual rings. I think of them as finger sculpture art for your finger.


I make one of a kind art dolls fairies and angels. I can custome create your angel from your own memory fabric. These make perect gifts for friends and relatives.. the Itsy Bitsys are absolutely wonderful as a tiny gift for yourself or special




doll tutorial

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