The Magic and Joy of Creative Play

As an artist I am always experimenting with techniques, media and exploring the creative process. I believe that the most exciting part of being an artist is the process of creating. I believe creativity is like magic when I open myself to the possibilities o f the unknown and allow my imagination, my intuition and creativity to marry. That is when the magic happens. I believe it is when I trust my own creative process, that I will experience that magic and again…

This is a technique using  old dried out markers and tissue paper I tis amazing when you use the markers dunking them in water reviving their vibrancy as a watercolor and painting the tissue bright beautiful colors. I did this to create material for another collage project that I am doing it is a wonderful method for creating your own tissue which I do a great deal because painting the tissue you can make your own and it is much better than what you purchase. Try it…  sometimes, no every time you allow yourself the freedom to do creative play something wonderful happens… a total surprise and what was a seemingly grey day can turn rainbow colors…Happy creating, joy Recently Updated11


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