Vision of Intention 2015 review









Creative Art Journal for mixed media 12/31/15


Journal for writing  and processing each assignment and inner work.


Favorite pen


Old Magazines for collage images or Bing or Google image resource


Glue stick


Good cutting scissors


Post-It Notes in colors or index cards


Cray Pas or oil pastels (Can also get Water Soluble pastels (Portfolio)


Colored Markers


Anything else that you want to use for your creative work




First Journal prompt




 Who Am I?


What is my intention for this three month program


2015 Vision of Intention Cards


Find images either in magazine or internet that represents your vision of intention

reduce size and print out

on cardstock in the size of a card and use then throughout the year to focus on in meditation  and affirm.








Creative Visioning


1.Clear your mental whiteboard via a mini-creative sabbatical {unplug from electronic devices and all other chatter for 15-miuntes, an hour, a day {or longer …}.

2. Begin the time with intention and comfort {be sure you are nourished + stretch and b-r-e-a-t-h-e + be in a space in which you are physically comfortable.

3. Ponder keywords, focal points and paths that will aid you in living more of what you want.

4. Create a tangible notation {jot a few words on your wall calendar or desk planner; doodle something in your journal … or make an art card!


My own Vision of Intention


I really, really want to do more: online work through teaching, coaching, classes, workshops, ezines, podcasts and tutorial videos and bring in success and abundance through my online work. I really, really want to participate with a website and be a contributor writer and share my own creative and spiritual story. I really want to publish my Spiritual Journey


I really, really want to do women’s spiritual and creative retreats and use my abilities as a facilitator in Joy of Creativity and Joy of Art and Soul.


I really, really want to take time for my own creative art journaling and set up a space at home to do my own creative collage and art journaling.


I really Really want to continue and even expand in my spiritual practice through my morning ritual meditation but to also start writng and doing morning pages as apart of my practice    



2015 Vision of Intention



 As this year wanes and the next ascends, you may be making your list of resolutions.


You already have a long list of to-dos to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, so why pile on with often hard-to-achieve resolutions, too?


Instead, embrace the gentle, but powerful, practice. Choose one word to reflect your year’s intention. It should be a word that resonates with you and represents what you hope to achieve and bring into your life and the New Year.


 If the idea of having one word guide you through all aspects of your life over the next 365 days feels too daunting, how about focusing on one word for each part of your life.


Spiritual practice



My word for 2015  is explore








Fun or enjoyment

Learning or study

Self Improvement

Dream or Desires


My word is explore   




My word for 2015  is explore


I want  to explore my inner and outer boundaries of both myself and my word explore new unexplored areas of my creativity, skills, journaling/writing, my business and my spirituality, my community connection and new ways of creating.

I did a page in my creative journal and even explored the use of egg white in my paint and wrote explore in one of the very cool techniques by the way creating with egg white is very ancient and goes back to the masters in their use of egg white in their tempera paint to do glazing.. I will be demonstrating  so please stay tuned in tutorial page


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